Joseph Russo

director & producer

I've been in love with developing and producing engaging and effective content ever since my parents bought me my first Hi8 camera. I was only 7 years old, but I knew that filmmaking, whether it be movies, music related or in advertising would always be a part of my life. I've been blessed enough to work in all of these fields. From writing, producing and directing commercials to producing live events and concerts, I've had the absolute privilege to work with some amazing people, great clients and do what I love to do. My goals are simple, produce creative content that I'm proud of, delivers results for my clients and most of all, allows me to wake up tomorrow morning to make more.


Creative Director

Joseph Russo is currently a partner and Executive Producer with Make A Thing, LLC.  He currently works as a Creative Director for the following companies and industries:

Creative Content:  Make A Thing, LLC (MATh)

Live Events:  LTMA, Inc.

Commercials:  Classitech, Inc.


Live Events, Concerts, Commercials, Branded and Digital Content are a few of the things Joseph likes to make.